Launched November 2016, Kendally Kelly creates clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry. Based in my home studio, in the heart of Baltimore city, all pieces are realized and executed by me. Kendall Kelly promotes wearability, relevance and more importantly unique design approaches that prove timeless. A D.C. native, I have been in Baltimore for most of my life. During my college years I bounded from interests in architecture to painting to international studies. It wasn't until 2007 that I had the lightbulb moment of focusing my expressive energy through clothing design. I enrolled in pattern making courses and was immediately absorbed with all the minute measurements and crucial attention to detail. I thrive on exacting details. My professor was Sally DiMarco, a genus veteran of the fashion industry having worked at Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. History means so much to me and her experience was an opening of my deep stream of consciousness in terms of appreciating the perspectives of my predecessor's impact and how I wanted that for myself. She showed me the "couture vault" at the school, which was just a tiny closet full of long totes that were packed with significant clothing from the last century. Who else can say they held a couture Galanos gown that was worn by former first lady Nancy Reagan?! This experience solidifed my devotion to creativity and forged a path that brings me to developing my brand today. Even more actuely, shoe construction was my gradual focus because of the significantly precise attention to detail. I took a course in NYC taught by the amazing Emily Putterman in 2011 then continued studying independently which led me to creating handbags using that knowledge of construction. Kendall Kelly stands for innovative designs, provacative ideas and continual dialogue with customers that always want more of and for their wardrobe. 

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""but most importantly give women “armor” in a way that plays on their own strengths, mentally and physically""
Baltimore Snapshot
Nick Hanyok Imaging - January 15, 2018
Kendall Kelly-Adams
Founder. Designer
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