August 01, 2017

Kendall Kelly designs to bring industry diversity for future generations.

Kendall Kelly was born out of the desire to want more from myself and more for an industry that requires continual advancement toward inclusion in diversity of faces and ideas. This brand examplifies thee the concepts realized and the challenges it offers a market that needs provoking designs. Launched November 2016, Kendally Kelly creates clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry. Based in my home studio, in the heart of Baltimore city, all pieces are realized and executed by me. Kendall Kelly promotes wearability, relevance and more importantly unique approaches that will prove timeless. I have a duty to show younger designers how getting to a point where they are able to create their dreams is a struggle and that is to be respected. My goal is for future industry leaders to know that limits are only set by their own fears and embracing that will free them to be as powerful as they desire to be. 

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