Design It Forward

My goal with design is to challenge the notion that expression through dress should be limited to what someone looks like, rather fashion should be used to amplify the individual's uniqueness in a way that bolsters their own identity. While developing who we are through self expression is part of shaping us as adults we are fortunate enough to not worry about necessities such as food, education and shelter, yet these basics are not available to some of the most vulnerable in society, a growing number of homeless youth. At a time when these kids should be able to grow in the joy of self discovery, developing survival skills that get them through a time of hardship and struggle is the necessity. Organizations like...

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Center Stage online auction!

The 2018 Online Auction for Baltimore Center Stage is now open. The auction will run from February 17—25, 2018, with proceeds going to Center Stage. By bidding on my boots you help ensure their future on stage, in the classroom, and in the community.    

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