Is it time yet?

What if I fail?

Should I leave my 9-5?

Great questions, difficult answers. I have asked myself too many questions over the last year., but throughout the decision to start KENDALL KELLY the one rationale that made sense was- just try. We create our own happiness but also create our own misery by second guessing what is really true to our being, in part due to insecurity and fear. We should stop. FULL STOP

Nothing changes without the reality of you being in control of you. Live along those lines and adapt to the life you desire. Seek out those that share strong self worth and champion positivity. Surround yourself with the knowledge that you are more than capable of everything you want. These blogs are intended to shed light on the very idea that unique individuals have done what they needed to in order to live their truest lives. Each month I will present interviews featuring artists in all capacities, sharing their gifts. Thank you all for exploring with me, I hope we continue to grow together...

Kendall Kelly.